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Many of product or services on our website are only to redirect you to the seller or service provider. You may get in touch with seller or service provider to buy such product or services. Please do not buy these products or services from our website. We keep the extra step to stop you from buying such products & services, even after if you do so, we are not responsible for any debt from your account. We try our level best to refund that amount at the earliest but there is not defined a timeline. For these type of products and services, we do not take any responsibility for the quality, price, originality, payment loss. You need to verify the details of any product and services with the product seller or service provider. We advise to make the payment in the appropriate way and do not get cheated. In such cases, we do not take the responsibility to recover your money. 

Any failed transaction which causes the amount debited from your account but did not make a successful purchase of product or service can be reported at care@thestudypoint.com. We will investigate and act accordingly to provide the product or service against your payment. Provide these details of all failed transaction."Contact Details - Address, telephone number, and email address, transaction date, time, time zone, the method of payment, transaction number if any."

A statement by you, that the information which you provided is accurate and your claim is on your owner's behalf You can reach The Study Point LLP (www.thestudypoint.com) to notify your claims By email - care@thestudypoint.com 

Transaction Terms

To make a transaction on The Study Point LLP (www.thestudypoint.com) website, you are accepting the agreement to pay for that transaction.

Some of the products require additional terms and conditions which you have to agree before you make the purchase.

Please be careful with your payment details such as the total bill, taxes, shipping costs, discounts, coupons applied, combo products, free product, add-on products.

For more information. Please write & care@thestudypoint.com


1.Who can become partner/seller?

Answer - Any individual, company or organization can become the partner/seller.

2. Why become the partner?

Answer - We help all individual, company or organization to publish their educational products or services and connect with new candidates/students or customer to grow business.

3. How to become the partner and what are requirements for that?

Answer - Here is the procedure to become the seller.

Open http://www.thestudypoint.com, click on Sell Link given on top bar, fill all the details, Select "Yes" to become seller 

4. After becoming the partner/seller, when products & services can be published?

Answer - We will review the accuracy of all the partner/seller details. If everything is correct, partner/seller account will be approved within 2 working days. After that products and services can be published

5.  How to add/publish, delete or modify products & services

6. What type of product & services are allowed to publish on this website?

Answer - Any kind of educational products or services can be published on this website. For example, books, software projects, hardware projects, CD/DVD, online training/courses, classroom training/courses, educational mobile applications, school classes, competition classes, tuition classes/services, exam preparation material, exam helping documents and many more. 

5. Is there any fee for publishing the product & services?

Answer - Publishing any educational products or services is absolutely free for now. We will review this decision time to time and keeps it free until we change our decision.

6. Is there any limitation of publishing products & services for each seller?

Answer - Currently we have not kept any limitation and anyone can publish unlimited products & services.  We will review this decision time to time and keeps it unlimited until we change our decision.

7. Is there any fee/charge for becoming the partner/seller?

Answer - Becoming the partner/seller is absolutely free for now. We will review this decision time to time and keeps it free until we change our decision.

8. When will products & services be live on the website after publishing by partners/seller?

Answer - After adding/publishing the products or services, we will review the accuracy of all the details. If everything is correct, products or services will be approved within 2-5 working days. After that products and services will be live on the website. Partner/Seller will get the email notification once approved.

9. What if the partner wants to delete or modify added products & services?

Answer - After modifying/updating the products or services, we will review the accuracy of all the details. If everything is correct, products or services will be approved within 2-5 working days. After that products and services will be live on the website. Partner/Seller will get the email notification once approved.

10. What are the things to take care & what is the best practice for adding/publishing the products & services


A. Name of the Product / Service

B. Description -

C.  Price -

11. Can partners/sellers sell any product or services directly from this website?

Answer - Yes, any partner/seller can sell products or services directly from this website. The commission will be charged with selling each product or services as applicable. 

12. Who is responsible for paying applicable taxes for sold products & services directly or indirectly from this website.

Answer - Individual partner/seller/company/organization is responsible for paying applicable taxes on selling the products or services directly or indirectly from this website.

13. Copying the information from other partner/seller products or services

Answer - Copying the information from other partner/seller products or services is not permissible at all. If any seller/partner found to do that, it may cause to terminate the partner/seller account temporarily or permanently 

14. We are keeping the rights to show advertisement by Google on any products or services page.


1. Any product or service is subject to return and full or partial refund if below conditions are met.

A. Dead on arrival / Damaged in transit

B. Faulty

C. Received wrong product.

D. Ordered wrong product.

E. Customer not satisfied with the product.

F. Any software product can only be returned if the package is not opened.

G. If wrong product or services are promoted than requested, we will re-initiate the promotion with any charge.

H. Clients will be responsible for the quality of hyperlinks/images provided to us for business promotions. Our team of professionals does a random check but not all of them.

2. Shipping charges will be applicable in all of the return order if the buyer returns the order considering D, E, and F scenario given above.

Any of the terms and conditions are subject to change by us with or without any notification.

Affiliate Program Policy.

Affiliate Program Policy 

The Study Point gives an opportunity for everyone to earn extra income through our Affiliate Program. Affiliates will earn the 15% commission by making the same of any product or services under the category "Get Listed on This Website". Either by selling through affiliate's unique URL or by using affiliate's unique discount coupon. Affiliates need to go through the description of each and every product listed in the mentioned category and understand and purpose and benefits of them. Understanding of these will help to create the strong business case to and make the sell the product or services.  

Products or services are listed below

(1.)  List Your Institute (2.) List Your Training Course (3.) List Your Project (4.) List Your Book(s) (5.) List Your School (6.) List Your Educational CD / DVD

(7.) List Your Educational Mobile APP (8.) List Your Tuition Services (9.) List Your College

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully before joining.

1. Who can join the affiliate program?

Answer: Anyone at the age of 18 years and above.

2. Is there any joining fee for joining the affiliate program?

Answer: No. Joining the affiliate program is absolutely free.

3. What is the minimum payout?

Answer: Minimum payout is ₹ 500/. 

4. What is the payout schedule?

Answer: Payout schedule is 1st to 10th of following months when affiliate earns the commission. Depends on the volume of payout.

5. How much is affiliate commission?

Answer: Affiliate will earn 15% commission on every product or services sold via affiliate's unique link. The commission will be applied to the total paid amount after applying all the coupons & gift certificates.

6. What is the tracking method of sale made by an affiliate?

Answer: Traditionally any product or service should be sold via affiliate's unique link then the only affiliate gets the commission. But practically its not possible for an affiliate to keep sharing the unique link all the time. Some time buyers click on affiliate link and buy later from regular link. We value affiliate's efforts and to avoid the loss of commission, all of the affiliates will be given a unique discount coupon code to make their sale effective and traceable. This coupon gives an additional discount of 5% to all buyers on all products. So, out of two criteria, (1. Buy from affiliate's unique link 2. By using affiliate's unique discount coupon) anyone or both should be met at the time of buying product or services. the only affiliate will be eligible to get the commission.

9. How to join?

Answer:-  REGISTER HERE to join the affiliate program. Upon confirmation of all the details, your affiliate account will be approved & activated within 2 working days.

10. When will affiliate start earning commission?

Answer:- Immediately after activating and approving of affiliate account.

11. What if the affiliate does not earn any commission after joining? 

Answer:- Any affiliate who does not earn the commission for 1 Year, the account will be disabled temporarily. It can be reactivated by sending an email to us.

12. Can Affiliate change the default affiliate's unique code?

Answer:- Please do not to change the default affiliate code. Affiliate's discount coupon will be generated as per that unique code only.

13. What if affiliate changes the unique code and does not remember old?

Answer:- Please write us at the earliest, either we will retrieve the old code or map the new code with new discount coupon.

14. How can an affiliate generate the unique link for any product

Answer:- 1. By logging in to Affiliate section http://www.thestudypoint.com/in/index.php?route=affiliate/tracking

                   2. By simply putting the affiliate's unique code behind the URL of any product or services. For example,

http://www.thestudypoint.com/in/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=60&tracking=XXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX is referring the affiliate's unique code

15. Can affiliate get any user guide or helping video?

Answer:- Yes, it is in progress and will be shared among affiliates or on this website once completed. 

The Study Point LLP keeps the rights to change any terms and conditions with or without notice.

Tips & Tricks to increase affiliate commission

DO NOT FORGET to mention about affiliate discount coupon and coupon code. 

# Send your affiliate link / affiliate discount coupon to all of your contact and group of chat application in Mobile/Computer.

# Note down the Institutes / Schools / Colleges contacts from sign board or advertisement and share affiliate link / affiliate discount coupon. 

# Visit personally in the Institutes / Schools / Colleges contacts from sign board or advertisement and share affiliate code.

# Find out the contact in social networking sites who are offering the education-related product and services and share affiliate link / affiliate discount coupon.

# Find out the contacts in mobile application stores who are offering the education-related mobile application an share affiliate link / affiliate discount coupon.

# Your email box and many promotional email, use them as an opportunity and search by keywords and share affiliate link / affiliate discount coupon.

# Hyperlink enabled banner in email signature.

The Study Point LLP keeps the rights to change any terms and conditions with or without notice.

(Last Updated 14-Oct-2016)

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is very important to us. This notice has been provided to you to make you aware of our practices to make you clear before taking any product or services from this. You can buy /sell products or services on www.thestudypoint.com website. We consider your contact number, email, address, website as important information. We seek your permission to publish these details for another site visitor wherever necessary. It is the only easiest way for an interested candidate to reach out to the respective sellers and service providers.

Purpose of publishing this information on the website is only to redirect the buyers to sellers/service providers and vise-versa. We do not sell or provide this information to non-visitors for the benefits of the marketing campaign or any other benefits.

We use as secure as possible hosting accounts and follow security procedures to protect our database and all the information you provided to us. When you order any product or services, the information you provide will only be provided to our website visitors, sellers, service providers only if necessary. Your information will never be disclosed to any other persons for any other reason or advantages.

Non-identity personal information may be used to improve the site or shared with some service providers. For example, information that is collected regarding product visit count. Site traffic to  The site or specific pages may be shared, but this will never include any personal information you provide to us. 

We also keep non-identifying information recorded about website visitor behavior. This information is being used to make the user experience better and it is not shared with anyone another party.